Good Words About YBR

“Through her research, reporting and picture gathering, Mary Beth crafted a powerful hour that illustrates Mrs. Reagan’s unprecedented influence in shaping her husband’s administration and the effect that had on policy. An enormous amount of research and reporting was required for this project and Mary Beth did a fabulous job.”

Judy Woodruff

~Senior Correspondent PBS NewsHour

“Mary Beth Durkin has produced two stellar documentaries for MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, Betty Ford: The Real Deal and Nancy Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime.

Working with a limited budget, she produced documentaries that were first-rate historical biographies. She is highly creative, dedicated, smart and funny, A sense of humor is something you need when you produce documentaries on a limited budget!

Her use of archival material was sensitive and artistic. She is a good manager, the staff she hired on both projects was professional and talented. She is a solid producer and very professional.”

Susan Mills

~Senior Programming Director Macneil/Lehrer Productions

“How to describe Mary Beth Durkin? Try: smart, creative, organized, disciplined, low-maintenance, and a delightful partner. When you talk to Mary Beth, what you see is what you get. If she says she can do what you are looking for, you can count on it. Bring her on to your project, and you won't be sorry.”

Tom Bettag

~Former Executive Producer of the CBS Evening News

“Mary Beth Durkin is the best. She is, first, a terrific journalist with a keen sense of story and the skill and determination to go after it. Second, she has a sharp, even gifted visual sense, so she can make a story come alive for the viewer. Third, and maybe most important for any of us, she has a great sense of humor and an unfailingly positive outlook on life and the work we all do. This, I learned in years of working and traveling with Mary Beth, who makes the worst days better and the good days great.”

Terence Smith

~Former correspondent at The New York Times, CBS News and The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer