Awards & Accolades

Cine Golden Eagle Award

The CINE Golden Eagle Award has been recognized as a mark of excellence throughout the film and television industry for over 50 years. Since its founding in 1957, CINE has been instrumental in promoting the careers of thousands of filmmakers through juried competitions, educational programs, and networking opportunities.

Emmy® Nominee

The Emmy® Awards recognize excellence within various areas of television and emerging media. The Emmy® Awards are administered by three sister organizations, which focus on various sectors of television and broadband programming.

Prism Award

The PRISM Awards have been brought to you by the Entertainment Industries Council, Inc, for the past 16 years. PRISM Awards are given away to writers, producers, actors and actresses for their accurate depictions of mental health and substance abuse.

Arthur C. Rowse Award

Sponsored by former U.S. News & World Report reporter Arthur Rowse, these awards honor excellence in examining the role and work of the news media. All entries must focus on criticism of journalistic practices or reporting on the industry, and must encourage responsible media behavior.